Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Engineers One liners

  1. Good engineers are not born, they are Pre-fabricated
  2. Pi - Gods way of telling you to get a bigger calculator
  3. Bio-engineers, now everyone gets a drumstick at thanksgiving.
  4. If God didn't want perfect circles he wouldn't have invented Pi.
  5. Warning - Inversion intolerant
  6. Contents liable to Over reaction
  7. Sorry, I only drink Decalitres
  8. If found please return to (insert GPS co-ordinates)
  9. Civil engineers, Lifes way of saying your rubbish at sports.
  10. I can calculate your interest in me to 9 decimal places
  11. Could I interest you in my Na2Ca2Al6Si9O30·8(H2O) collection ?
  12. I prefer the term Bio-culture harvester instead of "Fat"
  13. (R-CH2OH) fueled love machine
  14. Opinions crushed while you wait
  15. Bio-engineers - Life forms created, your place or mine ?
  16. I came, I saw, I adjusted the azimuth a bit
  17. I could go on for days ....
  18. Please remove upon installation
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